Monday, March 5, 2012

New March

So this past Thursday was the first day of the month and here at work we began a division-wide Biggest Loser competition. I've participated before but this time around my first weigh in was hard. I am 5lbs. heavier than ever before. In the past this first week, I've always dropped a lot of weight and then in the weeks that follow it gets harder. I'm following the Tone It Up nutrition plan, and keeping my workouts changing throughout the next three months. I just signed up to do a bootcamp for the next 8 weeks, I plan on doing my beloved spinning classes every Tuesday and Thursday. And this morning I began the couch to 5k podcast.
My co-workers are all very supportive and we've been going to the track to walk a mile at lunch or doing the 9 flights of stairs (which made me feel like I was dying). Each weekend I'm making a detailed and calorie-counted meal plan for the week. I'm a planner. At the half-way point and the final week of the competition I plan on doing the TIU 7 day slim down.
I've tried cleaning up my eating before, but this time feels different. I'm not using the word 'diet' this time, it feels daunting. And I'm really motivated because I recently got a genetic panel of tests done through and I am very likely to develop atrial fibrillation in my lifetime. Which makes sense because a ton of people on both sides of my family have had it. I think getting in shape and taking care of myself for that reason is more motivating than for vanity reasons.
I'll post my calorie intake values and weekly workout logs each week and let you know how my weigh-ins go each Thursday morning.